Sam Huch - product designer, emphasis on product

What is so special about me?

  • I’ve worked mainly in the startup and freelance space. This means I’ve worked in a lot of chaos coming from all angles - from working closely with clients to high-level internal stakeholders, tight seemingly impossible deadlines, tiny teams full of multidisciplinary individuals, and vague initial product definition.

  • I get my work done efficiently and thoroughly despite the uncertainty and deliver results.

But how did I get here?

  • As a kid, I wanted to become an artist then an architect then a digital designer. And I tried them all!

  • Ultimately, I went to Parsons for Communication Design and learned design is more than being pretty.

  • My first job as the sole UX designer threw me into the world of startups and business-minded systemic problem-solving.

  • Since then I've started my own companies and found myself in the blockchain space - working on bringing innovative technology for the masses in a way that doesn't terrify them.

Why do I do what I do? I design to...

  • create products strongly aligned with business goals

  • facilitate effective communication

  • help people create and express themselves freely

  • teach people why and how to do what they need to do

  • do all of the above in a way that’s fun and playful